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The Handover Book is a continuously updated co-parenting plan. It’s designed specifically to encourage communication solely based on information about the child’s needs, routines and welfare.

The predictability of a positive transition for children will help them feel less confused about what’s happening: stability and consistency is key.

Below are some examples of pages within the book.

A Brief Video Explaining the Handover Book

Video about the Handover Book

Contact Arrangements

The foundation: when contact has been agreed it’s written in here to ensure that everyone is clear about what is happening and when.

As well as establishing a consistent routine, the handovers can also be discussed and agreed.


Share important information about the child’s physical and psychological wellbeing, this is a simple way to do that.

Medical conditions, medication, known allergies as well as numbers for GP’s, Dentist’s, etc can be written here.


When it comes to food, Children’s likes and dislike change and develop, one week they like something and another they don’t. Share the information rather than each parent getting misleading information from the children.


From potty training to shower-shy teens. Communicating about your child’s bathroom routine is essential.  Consistency and knowledge is key!!


This can be a difficult time, the children are tired and suddenly decide that they want the other parent, The Handover Book can help with this. One parent can give the other parent some suggestions of what has worked for them: music or favourite books that are calming in their familiarity. If children are old enough to see that there are agreed bedtime routines written in the book, it’ll stop arguments in their tracks.


Share information: school uniform, sports teams, homework, teachers names, etc. Celebrate achievements and communicate with each other if difficulties present themselves.

Screen Time

Children’s obsession with screen time is a major bugbear for many parents. Use this section to agree how much screen time is appropriate and when. Consistency across both homes will send a clear message of what is acceptable and what has been agreed.

Holidays and Special Occasions

Holidays can be an extended period of time when either parent will be away from their child. Use this to agree and share information such as dates, travel arrangements, birthdays and festive celebrations.

Children’s Section

When parents are in conflict children can find it difficult to talk about their experience in either home, they can develop a sense of divided loyalty and feel ‘stuck in the middle’.  To encourage a child’s involvement we’ve provided a range of tools that each parent can use with their child. There are a few to choose from and parents may find that one works better than another. Whichever one or more it is, their child can learn to explore, expand and express their feelings.  We have also included a ten-page section that invites children to share their experiences when they’re with each parent. Knowing that both parents are encouraging this will send a clear message to the child that their parents are working together and that their wellbeing and happiness is paramount.


We show you how to make it, use it and what is the purpose of it.

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